The Soteria conference in Saltaire in November 2009 was a focal point for bringing together a group of people already interested in the idea of setting up a Soteria House in the Bradford area. Since the conference we have been meeting monthly to further this intention.
We made the decision to start small, and once we have raised sufficient funds, we will be looking to rent somewhere that would accommodate one person in an extreme state needing support and at least one housemate. The idea is to adapt the Windhorse model from the US to a UK context. This would involve a team of people, some of whom may be volunteers, and a coordinator/ manager. We voted unanimously to look for funding from a variety of sources, but to not look to the statutory sector in the first instance. We came up with several ideas for fundraising which are now actively being pursued, and set ourselves the goal of raising £25,000 to fund a house for one year.
In our meetings we have been debating practical, financial and philosophical considerations, and are gradually moving towards our goal. If you would like any more information, or are interested in joining the group, then please contact us using the form below.

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